.   SMTE energy offer the full range of integrated services: project management, process engineering, multi-disciplinary detailed engineering, procurement, industrial construction, commissioning and start-up. We also provide maintenance engineering and global service to increase your facilities performances.
We are particularly conversant with expertise in Energy sectors to respect the project’s confidentiality with a mental of new business generation away of any direct or indirect corruption.
We deliver our services with an assurance of reasonable costs, reliable scheduling, and exceptional quality to meet the demands of strict budgets and tight deadlines. we have built teams of highly skilled professionals and integrated the technology of today to exceed your expectations.
We have the experience and manpower to complete your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.
In line with its Quality Management system, SMTE-energy develop a full comprehensive Project Execution Plan composed by a detailed Project Execution Strategy and other subsidiary management plan including, integration, Scope, Time, Cost Control, Quality, Human resources, Communication, HSE, as well as production strategy including Engineering, development Procurement services, Construction & Supervision, Commissioning & Start-up. And identification of the adequate resources to be affected in a project under a well-studied organization whether it concerns the project team, the functional or the operation teams.


– Supply installation and maintenance of pipelines for transporting and distribution of natural gas and hydrocarbon products.

Metering and reducing gas station.

     At SMTE we consistently deliver outstanding quality of service in every market where we work, providing bespoke civil engineering and building solutions to public and private sector clients. Projects involving this type of work have been completed for numerous companies throughout Tunisia in a wide variety of geographical areas including rugged mountainous terrains.

Installation of fire fighting system networks in various petroleum and industrial sites.